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Fifth Scent - Beautify Business Aroma

Content ImageWelcome to FifthScent, a premier sensory branding service that is helping businesses of all description set themselves apart from their competition through the use of scents. Traditional marketing uses sight, touch, hearing, and taste to sell products and services. Today, smell, one of the most powerful of the senses, is taking on added significance in building business brands, repeat clientele and, yes, sales!!!

Scent is a very strong memory trigger for many people. Chances are a pleasant memory of yours is often accompanied with a particular smell that was present during that experience. The importance of scent is crucial not only to memory, but to positive impressions overall.

Technology is changing the marketing world with scent. We’re not talking about stick-up air fresheners or spritzers that simply mask odors. We’re creating memorable visitation experiences through the use of scent that will draw your clientele back to you time and again.

FifthScent can match the most ideal scent to your business that goes far beyond just providing a delightful fragrance. We’re helping build your clientele through the powerful sense of smell. Hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, car dealerships, grocery stores, convention centers, and almost any other establishment you can mention will benefit from sensory branding.

For more information on sensory branding and this exciting, effective way to grow your business, please visit our About Us page. To obtain a quote, click here.

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