FifthScent, a service of NODAD, Inc., is a new, marketing branding tool that is soaring in popularity.

Our company was founded with the intent of providing companies of all sizes with an effective means of creating a positive, fruitful business connection with their clientele through the sense of smell.

FifthScent excels in service orientation, as we work with our clients to identify and match the perfect scents to complement the marketing brand strategies of their own businesses. Each company is unique and each has its own customer appeal that scent can bring out in subtle, but dramatic fashion.

We provide all of FifthScent’s state-of-the-art, micro-particle distribution equipment at no cost to you and we install it directly into your business’s heating and air conditioning ducts. Then, we handle all related maintenance, accordingly. Changing out or refreshing a scent cartridge is easier than changing a light bulb.

In addition to the array of pleasant aromas we have available for your company, we also offer several scents that specifically neutralize odors. Odor neutralizers are ideal for establishments such as assisted living facilities, hotels, casinos, bars or anywhere else that less than desirable smells may appear. If you are interested in a no up-front cost, no obligation, 30-day free trial of FifthScent, please obtain a quote right here and we will be happy to assist you.