Venue Collection

Event managers are constantly looking for new revenue opportunities and creative ways to enhance their client experiences. FifthScent has created its Venue Collection that can generate more sales for event and facilities coordinators through the power of scents, while making their events truly memorable for customers and their guests.

Exclusive to FifthScent, its Venue Collection is a means of marketing fragrances to clients who hire out venues for weddings, parties, seminars, trade shows, and other activities. FifthScent is first to market with the means for event managers and planners to promote and use fragrances as a very attractive event upgrade for their clients. Moreover, pricing for this service is at the sole discretion of the event manager.

For example, an arena manager can have FifthScent install the Venue Collection system for only $200 a month, including the diffusion equipment. Assuming 10 events a month at the location, the manager can easily charge an additional $100 to the arena fees, bringing in an extra $1,000 every 30 days, with little or no effort.

Wedding planners can simply ask their clients what scent(s) they would like for their ceremony and reception, the cost of which already being incorporated into the budget. The bride, groom and invited guests will long remember the event through the power of scent that was the hallmark of the wedding activities.

Each Venue Collection boxed set features eight scents selected by the event coordinator and sales materials are provided to help market the fragrance option to their clients. The hypoallergenic fragrances can be easily changed as often as desired and are generally run through air conditioning units. A programmable, micro-particle, dry distribution system is used by FifthScent, which also provides follow up services to ensure inventory levels are maintained.

Some companies view scenting as a housekeeping service, but using fragrance to build brand recognition and enhance customer experiences is an entirely new level in marketing that is proving successful in virtually any industry for any company—large or small.

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