Why Sensory Branding

Over the last 25 years, numerous studies have been conducted by research scientists on the behavioral effects of scent upon consumers. These studies indicate that the incorporation of scent to create a true multi-sensory branding campaign delivers a much more effective consumer message.

Some of the research shows consumers spend as much as 40 percent more time in a scented area. Other studies indicate people may spend more in scented rooms vs. odor-free areas. Overall, people tend to more frequently visit and return to establishments that smell good.

Most companies only rely on two of the five senses (sight and sound) in their branding and marketing strategies. However, today’s marketers are learning that our sense of smell is closely tied to our emotions, which lead to consumers better relating to companies and products that offer scented surroundings in their establishments.

Scent has been shown to enhance mood, increase excitement, improve learning, trigger memory, reduce error, increase recall, decrease anxiety, elevate brand loyalty, spark desire, cancel bad odors, and indicate direction. Some retail companies have long known the value of using aromas such as fresh bread, popcorn, coffee, or other “feel good” scents to attract customers.

With FifthScent, however, Smell is one of our most powerful senses and has proven to positively affect the buying habits of people, as well as, elevating companies’ branding. In fact, many companies are even developing their own signature scents that prospective customers will relate to their brand whenever they enter their stores or other establishments.

Any company can use smell to increase its business and brand loyalty, regardless of the products or services offered. If you are interested in a no obligation, free 30-day trail, please contact us.